The sky could tell stories, it held omens…

Since prehistoric times, humankind has attempted to fathom it’s an earthly experience. Their first gesture toward this understanding may well have been a cave dweller lifting his or her eyes toward the heavens in wonder and speculation of forthcoming events.

The sky could tell stories, it held omens. It foretold weather conditions which in turn affected travel, hunting and agriculture. Daylight and darkness were measured by the rise and fall of those two majestic objects, the Sun and the Moon. The ancients used the sky as their blueprint for action. The so-called “Wise People” were those who made a thorough study of the patterns of planets and stars, and observed how to use them as signposts. Observations were made regarding how Mother Nature mirrored events in the heavens. Shellfish activity and the rhythms of the tides coincided with phases of the moon. Seafaring peoples, lacking compasses, used the North Star and other constellations for navigation.

The Egyptians repeatedly observed that the Nile flooded every time the star Sirius rose with the Sun. The clockwork that the ancients observed in the sky shaped and defined their annual calendars. Moreover, this time-honoured system of celestial phenomenon worked.

Plan The Future Using Astrology

You can plan your future more easily when you have some idea of what that future holds. Astrology isn’t always specific, but it does predict trends, variables and sentiments that you will be facing in the future.
For example, a number of astrologers were aware that something terrible was about to happen in September of 2001. While astrology was not specific enough to predict exactly what would happen, it was clear that death and mass destruction were coming. Also, I was able to get many of my clients out of the ‘tech’ sector of the stock market {the Year 2000, see below} before the bubble burst. People who listened to their astrologer made a lot of profit.
Astrology can help you to plan major events, such as weddings, celebrations, travel, and surgery. Certain astrological occurrences may influence events toward success or disaster. Checking your planned date against astrological phenomena can better ensure success. This will help you to decide if your date is feasible, or if another date would be even more appropriate.

Plan Daily Activities Using Astrology

Certain astrological phenomena, occurrences, planetary alignments and moon signs are good for certain activities. Some alignments favour activity and beginning new projects, others favour rest, others favour romance or social activities. Knowing the difference can greatly enhance your enjoyment of life. Astrology predicts the endings and the times for beginning new cycles.
For example, if you know that the moon sign is making you overly emotional for the next few days, you can choose not to make major decisions during that time. Hence, you avoid choices you may regret later, and courses of action that are hard to change. Additionally, certain planetary alignments can influence your career and prosperity. When you are aware of these times, you will know when to ask for a raise, try for a promotion or even buy some lottery tickets.

Plan Dealings + Relationships According To Astrological Influences

When you understand how astrology can influence your life and the lives of others, it will become clear when to fight your battles and when to stand aside and wait to resolve the issue. Astrology has relevance to your directions and decisions.

Be a Better Parent Using Your Children’s Astrological Birth Charts

Astrology can improve the lives of your children. When you interpret astrological birth charts, you can gain knowledge of your child’s strengths and weaknesses. This will allow you to uncover and train the strengths of that child while helping them overcome their potential weaknesses. This will assist your child to grow and improve in ways that would not occur to you without astrological insights.

Astrology In Business – Who Uses It?

In a court deposition, J.P. Morgan said, “Millionaires don’t have astrologers, billionaires do.” And Donald Reagan, former U.S. Secretary of Treasury, was quoted saying, “It’s common knowledge that a large percentage of Wall Street brokers use astrology.”

Those familiar with astrology realize that it’s the study of cycles — and business follows cycles. Increasing numbers of businessmen and women all over the world rely on understanding planetary cycles to better understand the rhythms of business.

  • Astrology has made — quite an impact on Wall Street. Today, there are many Wall Street traders using astrological software to study the cycles here on earth in relation to known planetary cycles within the heavens – and with amazing correlations.
  • Astrology — has a severe public relations problem and many of us don’t realize that we ALL use astrology in one form or another. For instance, when using a calendar. There are seven days of the week, each named for one of the planets – “Sun”day, “Moon”day, “Saturn”day – derived from Latin names. “Months” is derived from “moonths,” the cycle of the moon revolving around the earth. Seasons are based on the mercury cycle as this planet travels around the sun 4 times a year, thus the 4 seasons.
  • The economy follows — a 20-year cycle – ten of expansion and ten of contraction. Most investors know these cycles, but many people don’t realize that these are known planetary cycles – very regular rhythms. Jupiter (growth and expansion – optimism) and Saturn (restriction – pessimism) align every 20 years from earth’s point of view. Investors who recognize this cycle time their investments more specifically through the assistance of astrology.

Ocean tides are an example of planetary energy effects here on earth and were once considered “magic.” But science soon discovered the correlation between the moons cycle and the effects here on earth. It was then that early sailors were able to accurately predict the tides for safer travel. A wise sailor wouldn’t paddle out to sea during incoming tides and gained the knowledge of the correct time to easily do so through the use of astrology. Astrology is less about making predictions about specific events than it is about giving you a “lay of the land” – proper timing.

By following the cycles of business, astrology can work for us in similar ways by being used as a tool to help you to work “with the tides,” instead of against them.

The Astrologer as Counselor and Guide

What is to be felt? What is to be done?
Astrology says we are all in school. Where do I fit in? How can I stand out? What are the mysteries and the positive and negative issues that my parents have passed on to me?
Astrological Counselling offers an opportunity to explore thoughts, feelings, concerns, and actions that are important to you in a safe, confidential setting. It offers you a ‘lifting of the veil’ opportunity to work towards living in a more satisfying and resourceful way by enabling you to let go of unhelpful ways of being, as symbolized by planetary placements – another way of saying this is what you came to work on & work through.

It can support you in coming to terms with accepting anything that cannot be changed. Astrological Counselling can empower you to find your own sources of insight and your real gifts, as revealed in your chart – which allows you to be more conscious of who you are.

Get an Accurate Astrological session...

Helpful Tips:
Consider speaking with an astrologer over the phone or in person if you want a reading geared towards making a decision. You will be able to ask questions that may focus your thoughts or the reading towards the situation.

Make sure you are providing the astrologer with accurate information. Use your birth certificate to learn the time you were born. The more exact the information, the more accurate the chart. If you don’t have your accurate birth time, your astrologer can help make an estimate based on physical appearance, correlating with the ascendant.

Use Astrology in the Decision Making Process...

Don’t let your astrologer push you towards a decision. Action should only be taken after weighing all facets of a problem or decision.

Examine the parts of your journey that need attention & healing, or better yet ask your astrologer to discover this with you. Don’t forget that you can use astrology for everyday decisions as well. For instance, if you can’t decide whether you should go to a movie or stay in tonight, astrology can offer you a hint of your mood, or the moods of those around you, that may affect the evening.

Get an in-depth reading for more meaningful decisions. It isn’t wise to make life-changing decisions such as whether you should get married or quit your job based on a single horoscope. A full reading will detail your natural characteristics that may be enhanced or improved by your actions.

Weigh the astrology aspect with other portions in your life. It is better to gather as much information as possible when making a tough decision. Look at possible outcomes, ask for the advice of others involved and figure out what the best possible path may be.

Pick up a copy of ‘The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need,’ by Joanna Martine Woolfolk, or another general astrology guide from Amazon. These books can help you better understand astrology in general.

Explore as many aspects of your astrological profile as possible when using astrology to make a decision. Go beyond your sun sign and use the planet’s sign that most closely relates to the situation at hand.

  • Learn different skills and help you to find where changes in your life are likely to take place.
  • Examine and evaluate your problems, thoughts, and feelings, within yourself and your life.
  • Improve overall psychological well being and coping strategies.
  • Gain strength and ability to resolve problems.
  • Have a different perspective about yourself and the world around you.
  • Be able to make decisions, make changes, and find your own resources.
  • Have a happier, healthier, and more successful life.
People come to an astrologer for a wide range of personal issues including...

Marriage, Self-Esteem, Divorce/Separation, Relationships, Stress, Bereavement, Work, Health, Depression, Eating-Distress, Anxiety, Abuse

… as well as simply seeking personal development.


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