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Michael's Astrology work requires you to give your information (Birth DAY, Time of Birth, Place of Birth). We will go over the basic birth chart and project you into the future in transit forecasts. The session time is approximately 60 minutes and is tape recorded for you. Please call for pricing.


Happy Birthday! This chart reveals how your year from birthday to birthday, will unfold. Every year in our lives is unique. Please call for pricing.


Astrology tells all in your love life. What you and your partner bring to love is here in splendid detail. The stars also foretell what you two create together that is unique, rewarding and challenging. Please call for pricing.


The session time is approximately two hours and is tape recorded for you. Michael suggests an Astrological reading combined with Tarot to give you the complete intuitive and analytical picture. Please call for pricing.


Tarot includes two different layouts and the I Ching (a Chinese method of divination) and three questions answered, all are tape recorded. Please call for pricing.

Please call 416.651.0096 to book an appointment for any of the above services. Please note that we cannot be responsible for failed audio cassette tapes. All consultations are taped as a courtesy to the client.

The following are Computerized Astrological Services beautifully Laser printed for you.


This horoscope wheel & report calculates the planets' positions at the time of your birth. This is a one page printout of your natal wheel.


A personal Astrology printout (20 pages). A wonderful peek into your inner self, your dreams, hopes, fears, health, your career/creativity and your hidden potentials. Includes printout of your natal wheel. Attractively bound in a business folder.


Are you, or perhaps someone you know involved in or ready to commit to a long-term relationship? Friendship? Marriage, or partnership of some kind? This report identifies areas of mutual compatibility as well as problems that are likely to occur. We offer you 18-20 pages of amazing insights in the life that two can build and share. Attractively bound in a business folder.


A daily review of your future through Astrology. This gives you dates and times concerning upcoming personal events and cycles in your life. 10 pages a month.

BODY & SOUL $25.00

New! How exciting! An in-depth report on care and maintenance of your body, mind, and spirit. This report includes herbals, medicinals and gemstones for your healing journey.

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