Michael Zizis is a bridge builder. He considers it important to connect people with their destinations. When you choose someone to "read" your destiny, you give that person a trust. Michael has been building bridges to the world of spirit since 1974. You trust that the "bridge" over the turbulence called life will get you safely and maybe even in an inspirational breath-taking way, where you are going.
Michael has promoted, excited and inspired the public with his insights and compassion.

MANY of Michael's students are now practicing Astrologers & Psychics.

Coming to Michael for a consultation, whether Tarot, Astrology, the I Ching (pronounced EE-Ching) Palmistry, or Psychometry (reading an object held in the hand), enables you to establish a bridge to the unknown. A carefully constructed piece of workmanship to carry you forward with the certainty that knowledge is power. Michael has the care and concern that thousands of people have come to trust and return to time after time.

Michael's countless media appearances include: "The John Gilbert Show" - CKEY, "The Betty Thompson Show", "The Betty Kennedy Show" - CFRB, "MacLean At Large" - CTV, Panel Discussions on "Take 30" - CBC Television, "Global News" - Global Television, "CITY-LINE", "Person To Person" - CFTO, "The Dini Petty Show" - C.I.T.Y., "For Your Information", "Radio Noon", "CBLT Morning", "Basic Black", "Morning-side" - CBC, CHUM, Q107, 640 AM, RADIO (Alberta), CKXM Radio (Edmonton), CKLA (Guelph) & many others!

"Millionaires don't use Astrologers,
Billionaires do!"

- J.P. Morgan

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