A brief explanation of my services...

Who, what, where, how, is the great adventure and mystery of being you. What skills, talent, baggage are uniquely yours? How will that change in a week, or a month or three years from now?

My craft addresses a need on my part to be helpful with your personal, romantic, spiritual, emotional and financial growth through the miracle and science of astrology. It is important that you participate in your consultation with me.

Declare your needs when you know them and dialogue the astonishing discoveries in your chart with me. To get the maximum benefit in your reading ask specific questions that concern you at the beginning of the session.

I am not a fortune teller; I do not know the names, dates, conditions of your past or those of your loved ones unless you specifically ask.

I am a skilled professional, eager to help you create the dreams, future, love, health and joy that is your birthright. The future is yours to make. Let's please map it out together beginning with your very first session.

Michael Zizis

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