I have been a client of Michael's for over 15 years. Right from the start I found him extremely accurate about major events in my life. I feel his way of expressing himself is articulate; the visual images from which he draws in order to explain present and past life events are easy for anyone to understand. He goes about his work with integrity and honestly wants to help others.

L. Dobbs, Painter
In a situation where I was grieving for a loved one, Michael was able to bring me comfort, clarity and divine a path for me so that it was easier for me to accept my loved one's passing and deal with my grief. I consider Michael a personal consultant. He has given me valuable personal and business guidance. I would have no hesitation recommending Michael's services.

J. Marshall, Real Estate Business Executive
Michael is a gifted and insightful astrologer. He uses a therapeutic approach with astrology as the tool. He doesn't just give information, he makes it pertinent to your life.

D. Beatty, Social Services Director
Michael has been our family consultant since one of my daughters found him at the Psychic Fair. I have been seeing Michael for about 5-6 years, and I have found him to be very accurate and a lot of fun. He makes looking at the future very enjoyable.

R. Cherry
As a former mentor to many, myself included, and as an astrological consultant, Michael has demonstrated his predictive abilities many times over. With his open-minded intuition and his astrological awareness, he conveys to you his astounding insights into the main issues in your life with startling accuracy and timing. In his consultations he intertwines these matters of love, adventure, career, travel, health and other factors and spirals them into your present and future life, showing how they could be and are affected by earthly and celestial paths and spheres.

N. Floyd
Michael was absolutely accurate about his predictions and the astrological aspects pertaining to my family and health that no one could have known. He knew things about my issues that no one knew, and was able to offer suggestions I could easily use. His sessions and suggestions were not only relevant, but strikingly accurate. I would have no trouble referring Michael to friends and associates.

M. Griffiths, Regional Director
I have been a client of Michael's for 10 years, and I've found him extremely helpful in pinpointing challenges and providing focused solutions. His sessions are accurate and thought-provoking. He's been a very positive influence in my professional and spiritual growth.

D. Marshall, Communications Consultant
Michael Zizis is a gifted and intuitive astrologer. In only one session he identified trends and issues in my life he had no way of knowing. With his nurturing presence, he helped me to recognize my gifts and release feelings about my struggles. I came out of his office feeling 10 feet tall. I would recommend him to anyone.

P. Guillet, Social Worker

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